Monday, June 17, 2013

Guitar God Song of the Moment: It's Time to Hear the Rooster!

For those of you new to Xanaland, let me apologize for some of our ' neglected ' blogs, let's face it I'd need a team of monkeys to keep up with 20 blogs!
So for now instead of putting it off, feeling like I must write " epic " articles for every great guitar player, I realized it's a lot of small yet significant moments that make up what we all consider a ' Guitar God ' , So since we are in Xanaland, proud home of The Mustache and family... and where The Rooster can do no wrong, it's only fitting that we start out this new ' format ' with some classic Alice in Chains....

* upcoming related articles: Jerry Cantrell's signature guitars and where to buy them
* Raising Oscar fish with The Rooster , a sweet summer Grunge Story 

Don't forget to buy the new Alice in Chains right here and your UPROAR tickets as well on our NEWS page and on the GRUNGE page! * Thank you for shopping on Xanaland


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