Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Magical and Wonderful World Of Eric Mc Fadden

                                  Artwork by the late and amazing R.K. Sloane

This is some of the best music news I have shared in my entire life! Truly a strange long history that loosely ties me To Eric Mc Fadden by a few random friends, a history in New 
Mexico, and the love of great art and music. 

Let me start by saying that if the last 20 years of music has shown us anything, it's that you just never know who the next big " Rock Star" will be, and that it has almost nothing  to do with talent, its a free for all and the playing fields if you will, have been compleately leveled out. Long gone are the days when a hit meant something to the true musicians who forge forward with amazing projects right under the noses of the musical idiots and let's face it, the poor souls are missing out, but better them than us! 
" TEN" is the name of the super group. Members are Eric Mc Fadden who has also been touring and performing with Animals singer, Eric Burdon, jamming with their good friends The Roots on Jimmy Fallon with a promised live CD at some time in the future. Then there's Thomas Pridgen the drummer from The Mars Volta ( I know, forget about it! -thank you Benicio for the voice overs ) Needless to say I am SUPER excited about that! How dare Cedric and Omar leave him in the dust ( I bet he has way more fun with these guys ). Then there is Norwood Fisher from Fishbone, one of the bands I promoted at age 15 in Santa Fe, New Mexico that made me the money to move to Seattle. Ironic, I know.
The best part is that they will be touring this spring. Below is a link to Eric's website which 
describes the TEN project and had a ton of great information on the wonderful project they are involved with ,a program that supports community youth programs that " encourage personal empowerment through art and music" Bravo Boys! 

A glimpse into the magical world of Eric Mc Fadden

And live with Eric Burdon

Here is the link to his website:

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